This function will plot a heatmap of the results from getTrajectory

  seTrajectory = NULL,
  varCutOff = 0.9,
  maxFeatures = 25000,
  scaleRows = TRUE,
  limits = c(-1.5, 1.5),
  grepExclude = NULL,
  pal = NULL,
  labelMarkers = NULL,
  labelTop = 50,
  labelRows = FALSE,
  rowOrder = NULL,
  useSeqnames = NULL,
  returnMatrix = FALSE,
  force = FALSE,
  logFile = createLogFile("plotTrajectoryHeatmap")



A SummarizedExperiment object that results from calling getTrajectory().


The "Variance Quantile Cutoff" to be used for identifying the top variable features across the given trajectory. Only features with a variance above the provided quantile will be retained.


The maximum number of features, ordered by variance, to consider from useMatrix when generating a trajectory. This prevents smoothing a large number number of features which can be very time consuming.


A boolean value that indicates whether row-wise z-scores should be computed on the matrix provided by seTrajectory.


A numeric vector of two numbers that represent the lower and upper limits of the heatmap color scheme.


A character vector or string that indicates the rownames or a specific pattern that identifies rownames from seTrajectory to be excluded from the heatmap.


A custom continuous palette (see paletteContinuous()) used to override the default continuous palette for the heatmap.


A character vector listing the rownames of seTrajectory that should be labeled on the side of the heatmap.


A number indicating how many of the top N features, based on variance, in seTrajectory should be labeled on the side of the heatmap.


A boolean value that indicates whether all rows should be labeled on the side of the heatmap.


If wanting to set the order of rows to be plotted, the indices (integer or character correpsonding to rownmaes) can be provided here.


A character vector that indicates which seqnames should be plotted in the heatmap. Features from seqnames that are not listed will be ignored. In the context of a Sparse.Assays.Matrix, such as a matrix containing chromVAR deviations, the seqnames do not correspond to chromosomes, rather they correspond to the sub-portions of the matrix, for example raw deviations ("deviations") or deviation z-scores ("z") for a chromVAR deviations matrix.


A boolean value that indicates whether the final heatmap matrix should be returned in lieu of plotting the actual heatmap.


If useSeqnames is longer than 1 if matrixClass is "Sparse.Assays.Matrix" to continue. This is not recommended because these matrices can be in different units.


The path to a file to be used for logging ArchR output.