This function retrieves the fragments from a given ArrowFile as a GRanges object.

  ArrowFile = NULL,
  chr = NULL,
  cellNames = NULL,
  verbose = TRUE,
  logFile = createLogFile("getFragmentsFromArrow")



The path to the ArrowFile from which fragments should be obtained.


A name of a chromosome to be used to subset the fragments GRanges object to a specific chromsome if desired.


A character vector indicating the cell names of a subset of cells from which fragments whould be extracted. This allows for extraction of fragments from only a subset of selected cells. By default, this function will extract all cells from the provided ArrowFile using getCellNames().


A boolean value indicating whether to use verbose output during execution of this function. Can be set to FALSE for a cleaner output.


The path to a file to be used for logging ArchR output.